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African Tax Havens

offshore company formation is recommended in two African Tax havens: tax haven Mauritius and Tax haven Seychelles. Both Africa Tax havens are progressive countries with legislation for offshore companies formation. The Africa tax havens of Mauritius and Seychelles are gateways to Asian and African markets.

offshore company formations in Mauritius and Seychelles are made possible through the current laws in place. These two Africa tax havens are well regulated offshore financial centres offering not only offshore business formation but offshore formation of other entities including offshore banks, offshore insurance companies, ship registration and international trust formation.

In The Seychelles, taxation is territorial; as such only locally-generated income is taxed. There is legislation for the formation of IBCs, Offshore Banks, Insurance Companies, with a host of investment incentives. Seychelles Offshore company incorporation is easy, and privacy for company formation is provided by law. As of 2010, Seychelles reported the offshore company registration of over 75,000 offshore companies.

Prior to 2001 laws governing the offshore company formation of the Mauritius International Company (the equivalent of an IBC) allowed zero taxation for the offshore companies. Since, a new offshore companies law replaced the old act whereby there is offshore business formation of two types of Mauritius companies that can be used offshore the Global Business Companies GBC Categories 1 (domestic companies engaged in global trade) and GBC category 2 companies used for offshore purposes (international companies) Mauritius is a low tax jurisdiction with a flat tax rate of 15% corporate tax on the Mauritius offshore companies, a rate that is lower than that of most neighbouring countries.