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Company Formation in Africa

Africa offshore company formations is offered in tow key tax havens of Mauritius and in Seychelles islands. Offshore companies formation ion both tax havens is a process with simplified requirements for the offshore formation of companies used outside of the tax have. These are non-resident offshore companies which are tax exempt following specific conditions.

An Africa offshore formation of non resident companies such as the Mauritius IBC and the Seychelles IBC is a more recent economic activity. Legalisation for non resident offshore company formation in Mauritius come into play in 2001 and in offshore corporation laws for the Seychelles IBC was enacted in 1994. Offshore company formation in these Africa tax havens is especially favoured by African investors who want an offshore company to be used within the African region.

Offshore organization founding, identical to Seychelles company registration, for non resident companies in Mauritius and in the Seychelles islands has the same nominal and favourable conditions as other tax havens. The offshore business formation process may take a longer time than in offshore tax havens in the Caribbean, but at the end of the offshore corporation formations process, is the delivery of an offshore company that can be used for investment and business purposes worldwide, and can be tax exempt offshore companies once all business and revenue is offshore.

These are the best offshore companies in Tax haven Africa are from Mauritius and Seychelles islands and these two are indisputably, the most reputable Africa tax havens for offshore company incorporation.