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Company Formation in Middle East

offshore company formation in Middle East or more specifically the UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE) offshore company formations are quick and straight forward, a simple offshore companies formation process. Especially when compared to company formation of other business types in the UAE. All UAE offshore companies are tax free entities. Offshore formation of UAE companies are used for asset protection, tax planning and risk management. UAE Offshore company incorporation is confidential and there is no public information on the shareholders or the directors of UAE offshore companies.

The UAE Offshore company registration requirements are relaxed, requiring a minimum of just one shareholder and one director for the offshore company. Upon completion of company formation offshore, UAE companies can hold offshore corporate bank accounts anywhere in the region.

As an advantage of offshore formations in UAE, UAE offshore company formed in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, may own real estate in several prime development projects in Dubai.

There are restrictions for UAE offshore companies, UAE offshore business formation cannot do any business or conduct any trade in Dubai or in the UAE. That is a generally accepted condition for offshore company formation, though there are some jurisdictions that allow onshore business, which is taxed at low tax rates. Offshore corporation formation of Dubai Offshore companies and other UAE offshore companies must be handled by local agent in the UAE. Further under the offshore company formation laws, all UAE companies must submit annual financial reports to the government. The formation of UAE offshore entities appeals to both investors and business men who wish to conduct business under a UAE company, and benefit from tax exemptions..