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Company Formation in the Caribbean

Caribbean offshore company formation services are offered in over ten (10) countries in the Caribbean and Central America including: Anguilla, Dominica, Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI, Costa Rica, the Cayman Islands, Nevis and Panama.

While offshore company formations processes in these jurisdictions will vary slightly, the company formation process is more or less the same, as are the legal requirements for offshore business formation. These countries are all tax havens; with either or 0% tax regime or a low tax regime for offshore companies.

Caribbean offshore company registration has been offered in the region for decades, with BVI and Cayman as pioneering islands offering offshore company incorporations and Offshore formation of other entities in the Caribbean region. Other offshore havens in the Caribbean basin offer offshore formation of foundations and the offshore formation of trusts – Belize, Anguilla, Nevis., Panama to name a few. In Dominica, economic citizenship is a successful offshore product, and in Antigua, offshore gaming and offshore bank licensing is available.

Company formation offshore attracts investors as ultimately they benefit from a key advantage of forming companies offshore- reduced taxes. Offshore companies in most of these countries are tax free, while in other such as Barbados, the offshore company is subject to a low tax of under 3%.

Company formation in the Caribbean is aggressively priced, with offshore company formation starting under UDS800 in some territories. The growth of offshore formation in the Caribbean region is staggering, and as such many of the offshore territories in the Caribbean price their offshore companies formations aggressively to compete.