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European Tax Havens

European tax havens such as Cyprus, Gibraltar, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man are diverse group of offshore tax havens. While United Kingdom is not really an offshore haven, it does enable offshore company formation of entities that can be used offshore. The other European tax havens listed are tax havens in that they have specific legislation written for low tax or tax free offshore companies formation. These European tax havens have modern economies and very low taxes as compared to many of the world’s more developed countries. European tax havens have been known as tax havens for wealthy persons from other countries in the world.

Offshore companies formation in the European tax havens is priced a little higher than other tax haven offshore incorporations. Offshore companies in the Europe tax havens may also be subject to EU tax treaties and exchange of information .Generally offshore company incorporation in Europe tax havens is similar to that everywhere else, with minimal offshore formation requirements.

Of these European tax havens, Isla of Man and Guernsey are two of the first countries to introduce offshore company formation (IBC) and get into offshore banking service. These tax havens have a solid reputation for company formation and excellent offshore banking track records.

European tax havens are widely used by investors who want offshore companies to do business around Europe, an offshore company that would be respected and well received.

In The popular European tax havens non-resident or exempt companies are the most sought after. These are offshore companies that are used offshore and subject to the lowest taxation regime. Nonresident companies incorporated in these tax havens tax exempted as long as the income of the offshore corporation is generated outside of the offshore tax haven. Most of these Europe tax havens offer offshore banking services which are not taxed. Under the offshore organization founding, same as Seychelles company registration, laws, these offshore companies do no tax reporting or filing of annual audits in the offshore tax havens.