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Oceania Tax Havens

Tax haven Oceania, is a expanse of nations centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean that includes three distinct tax haven countries of Vanuatu, Cook Islands New Zealand.

New Zealand is said not to be a low tax jurisdiction, but is sometimes referred to as a tax haven as it provides to the formation of business entities that have striking similar features to offshore entities, such as Belize companies. This included the formation of certain entities that can be so structured to be exempt from local corporation tax on non local revenue. Tax haven New Zealand is a low tax jurisdiction which is market efficient.

The low corporate tax rate in New Zealand makes the country very attractive to business investors. Non residents of New Zealand mat find their taxation system very appealing. Non residents to the country pay no taxes on foreign sourced income. These persons will only pay taxes on income earned in New Zealand.

Vanuatu can be considered to be one of the true tax havens in tax haven Oceania, since the offshore jurisdiction has no income or corporate taxes for both residents and foreigners, there is no tax imposed on international companies and offshore companies incorporated in the. Among other factors which make the offshore jurisdiction of Vanuatu an Oceania tax haven is its’ banking secrecy law that provides privacy and confidentiality for clients.

Offshore Vanuatu companies operate tax free in the Oceania tax haven of Vanuatu as long as their earnings are accumulated outside of the tax haven.

The Cook Islands are a well known Oceania tax haven, offering full range of offshore services. Offshore corporation creation, like Dominica company formation,s, offshore trusts, insurance companies and offshore partnerships are some of the products available from the Oceania tax haven of the Cook Islands.

The Cook Islands offshore companies are tax free and so investors who use the offshore companies from the Cook Islands can utilize them in beneficial tax planning. These offshore services make the Cook Islands useful for planning taxes and protecting assets. Tax exemptions in offshore tax haven Cook Islands include zero withholding tax, no tax on profits and no capital tax. Tax haven Cook Islands also have very sound offshore confidentiality laws.

Both Vanuatu and Cook Islands tax havens of Oceania have excellent offshore banking and banking services as well. In fact, Vanuatu offshore banking centre is a very active one with numerous banks providing offshore banking services. Vanuatu has a number of international banks’ branches and agents providing services to the public. As a tax haven Vanuatu offshore bank accounts pay no taxes on interests earned.

Both Vanuatu and the Cook Islands have an independent financial services regulatory organisation that governs the nations as Oceania tax havens. This local organization is responsible for and overseas the implementation, administration and application of offshore products.