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Tax Haven Anguilla

Tax haven Anguilla is one of many offshore tax havens in the Caribbean. Anguilla is located near the island of St Martin. Anguilla remains part of Great Britain’s overseas territory. The official language is English and the main currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) although the United States Dollar is widely used. The island has an estimated population of 13,500. The offshore jurisdiction has a well established offshore financial sector which has over the years make great contributions to the economic sustenance of the island. Offshore services which are available in the tax haven of Anguilla are incorporation of International Business Companies (IBCs) or offshore entities, like Belize companies, the formation of offshore trusts and foundations, the incorporation of Anguilla LLCs and offshore banking among other services.

The islands of Anguilla has an abundance of white sand beaches which lures thousands of visitors from Canada , the United States of America, Great Britain and other countries in Europe and the neighboring Caribbean islands. It is said that the tiny island is surrounded by thirty three (33) beaches. Anguilla is a popular destination for persons seeking fun in the Caribbean sun. Some of Anguilla’s beaches were named among the world’s top beaches. The beaches of Anguilla are lined with many popular resorts and hotels. Waters sports are very popular in Anguilla. Diving, snorkeling, parasailing, sailing, windsurfing and fishing are some of the activities enjoyed by visitors and resident of the island. Family cruises and sailing trips can be arranged around the island by tour operators.

Anguilla comes alive at night with popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Fresh sea foods are very popular at Anguilla restaurants and hotels. Friday and Saturday nights bar and nightclubs are alive with local Caribbean music (reggae, jazz, calypso and steel pan).

The tax haven of Anguilla is rich in culture and part of the cultural celebrations includes the many events celebrated during the year. Popular festivals in Anguilla are carnival, boat races, Anguilla Day and the Anguilla Summer Festival. The population of Anguilla works hard to preserve its history and all around the islands there are remnants of the country’s history in the form of forts and colonial estates and buildings.

Getting to the offshore tax haven of Anguilla is very easy. There are international flights to the neighboring islands of St Kitts, St Martin and Puerto Rico with connecting flights to Anguilla. No visa is required for visitors from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and some countries in Europe.

The tax haven of Anguilla for a number has incorporated offshore companies of years with a lot of success. Anguilla offshore business companies can do business anywhere in the world. An Anguilla company offshore or onshore operates tax free. Offshore companies pay no taxes as long as all their incomes are earned abroad. Offshore companies are very easy to incorporate in the tax haven of Anguilla. Offshore incorporation in the offshore jurisdiction takes as little as one day. Anguilla also has an online registry for the incorporation of offshore companies. For offshore incorporation there is no need for clients to travel to the jurisdiction. The only taxes paid are an obligatory annual license fee which is paid to the relevant authorities. This fee keeps the company in Good Standing order.

The tax haven has quality offshore banking services which is also done in a tax free environment. The offshore tax haven of Anguilla provides privacy for bank account holders who can be individuals and corporations. Offshore corporations and offshore bank accounts in the tax haven of Anguilla are protected by the Confidential Relationships Ordinance. An Anguilla offshore bank account for an individual or corporation is an ideal vehicle which can be utilized for the purpose of asset protection. Services which are provided by offshore banks in Anguilla include debit cards, credit cards, online banking, banking via telephone and fax among other very efficient services. Starting an offshore bank account in the tax haven of Anguilla is a process which is not too complicated.

The offshore tax haven of Anguilla gives offshore clients the legal means of reducing taxes and protecting assets. Once assets are placed in an offshore corporations or offshore bank account in the tax haven of Anguilla there are basically off limits to the laws of foreign jurisdictions and cannot be touched.

The tax haven of Anguilla is a very progressive offshore jurisdiction where the government authorities and other players in the offshore financial sector are working hard to keep the offshore jurisdiction ahead of the competition. The government’s determination to keep offshore alive in tax haven Anguilla can be noted in the various amendments to offshore legislation which have been made over the years. The offshore tax haven of Anguilla has already built a positive reputation for itself as an offshore tax.