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Tax Haven Antigua

Antigua is an island which forms part of the Leeward Island group in the Caribbean. Barbuda a small island off the coast of mainland Antigua also forms part of the island nation. Antigua is the largest of the islands which make up the Leeward Island grouping. Antigua has a population of 72,000 inhabitants according to a 2008 United Nations report. The capital of Antigua and Barbuda is St John’s. It is estimated that about half of the population of Antigua live in the capital city. The currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD) and the main language spoken on the islands is English. Like many other islands in the Caribbean region Antigua and Barbuda was once colonized by Great Britain. The island gained independence in 1981.

The tax haven of Antigua and Barbuda is one of the well known islands of the Caribbean. Antigua is famous for its many beaches which are approximately three hundred and sixty five (365) of them, a beach for every day of the year. The warm climate, beaches, night life and hotels keeps attracting visitors to the island making tourism one of the chief earners of the economy of the tax haven. Antigua is notorious for sailing. During the year the country hosts various sailing competitions. With its perfect weather Antigua ranks as one of the best islands in the Caribbean for sailing.

There is always something to do in the tax haven of Antigua. Island cruises can be easily arranged or time can be spent lazily sunbathing on a beautiful beach. Activities to be enjoyed include water sports (kayaking, diving, snorkeling, fishing and boating). Visitors can enjoy a thrilling game of cricket as the tax haven of Antigua often hosts international and regional cricket games. Golf and tennis can be enjoyed at many hotels on the island.

The island of Antigua is not only about beaches. Hikes can be arranged. There are many hiking trails across the islands where the adventure seekers can see animal and plant species of the island. Along some of the hiking trails in Antigua are some of the islands historical sites which include forts and old sugar plantations remnants of colonial times in the offshore tax haven.

Antigua is a tax haven which also offers offshore services such as the incorporation of Antigua offshore companies which are also known as International Business Companies, offshore banking, online gambling, the registration of ships and vessels, offshore insurance and the formation of offshore trusts. The Antigua offshore sector is closely monitored and regulated by two (2) bodies on the island; The Antigua International Financial Sector Authority and the International Business Corporations Department. These two bodies are responsible for ensuring that the offshore tax haven is safe for conducting offshore business and to monitor the incorporation process for offshore entities in the tax haven.

The incorporation of offshore companies in the tax haven of Antigua began in 1982 when the necessary legislation was put in place. In the tax haven offshore company registration can be completed by a registered agent in the jurisdiction or a trust company which has been registered. Antigua offshore companies will receive exemption from local taxes on all capital gained outside of the offshore tax haven. Tax exemption is guaranteed by the offshore companies act for a period of fifty (50) years. Antigua possesses all the characteristics of a true tax haven. In the jurisdiction laws are in place which protects International Business Companies and prevents the disclosure of information which pertains to these companies.

Offshore banking in the tax haven of Antigua is highly regarded. As with many tax havens in the Caribbean Region, offshore banking in Antigua is protected by banking secrecy laws. In the tax haven it is deemed a criminal offense for anyone to give out information concerning offshore bank accounts or the offshore bank account holder. Offshore banking in Antigua can be done by both corporations and individuals. There are many international banks who have established offshore branches in the tax haven of Antigua. Offshore clients can enjoy efficient and professional banking services which include online banking, credits cards etc.

The offshore sector in the tax haven of Antigua and Barbuda which began in the early 1980’s has gained momentum as the years go by. The government of the tax haven is dedicated to making improvements and introducing new services in the offshore sector. Over the years the different legislation has been amended in an effort to put the offshore jurisdiction on par with its competitors and to improve on the services being offered to its client base. The offshore jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda has a thriving economy for which the government continues to attract investors by offering very attractive incentives. The island has a stable political atmosphere with very little crimes reported.