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Tax Haven Bahamas

The Bahamas is a group of seven hundred (700) islands and two thousand (2000) cays located south east of the United States of America. The Bahamas is well known as an offshore jurisdiction and a popular tourist destination for those who seek the Caribbean sun and waters. The Bahamas forms part of the Caribbean. The official currency is the Bahamian Dollar but the United States Dollar is widely used. The official language is English.

The chain of islands which form the archipelago include Abacos, Andros, Inagua, the Biminis, Long Island, Paradise Island, San Salvador, Grand Bahamas, Exuma, Harbour Island and long Island among many others. People go to the Bahamas looking for fun and adventure of which is never lacking on the islands. The Bahamas is known to have beautiful stretches of white sand beaches which go on for miles. On any given day locals and visitors can be seen enjoying the Caribbean sun.

The Bahamas is well known for water sports and adventures. Diving in the Bahamas is spectacular with reefs, shipwrecks and caves to explore. The large variety of fish species in the Bahamas oceans makes diving worth the adventure. Diving classes are also available for beginners. Snorkeling is a water activity which is well enjoyed in the islands of the Bahamas as there are many reefs and places underwater to explore. Snorkeling gears can be rented from hotels and tour companies. Sailing on the gorgeous waters of Bahamas is a truly breathtaking experience. Cruises can be arranged around the island. The many hotels and resorts on the island also rent out sail boats to visitors. Other water sports which are very popular in the Bahamas are parasailing, canoeing and jet skiing.

The Bahamas are popular for the pleasure which the beaches bring but there are other adventures and sites to be seen around the islands. There are many species of exotic birds which can be seen on Paradise Island and other islands in the Bahamas. The country has a rich cultural heritage which is well preserved in the form of buildings and historic sites. Although the Bahamas has very little lush tropical forests its flora and fauna is unique and most of it is well preserved in national parks.

Perhaps one of the major contributors to the economy of the Bahamas is its offshore financial sector. The offshore sector in tax haven is well regulated and maintained. The Bahamas offers offshore clients a wide variety of financial and business services. The offshore services offered ion tax haven Bahamas are the incorporation of offshore corporation, offshore banking, the registration of vessels and ships, offshore insurance, investment fund management, offshore trusts and fund administration among others.

The Bahamas has over the years accumulated lots of experience working as an offshore tax haven. The country has a large pool of skilled professionals who work together to make the offshore sector very successful. For offshore incorporation in the jurisdiction a registered agent must be contracted and for these services there are lots of well trained lawyers and offshore service providers available.

One of the main features of the offshore sector in the tax haven of the Bahamas is its offshore banking and offshore companies, similar to Belize companies. Offshore banking is done for both private individuals and corporations. The Bahamas have many well established banks and offshore bank accounts are protected by banking secrecy laws in the jurisdiction. Offshore banks in the Bahamas also offer services of very high standards. Offshore corporations benefit from the tax free environment in the Bahamas. A Bahamas Company which does no business in the territory will not pay taxes on income amassed globally as established by legislation in the jurisdiction. Maintaining an offshore corporation in the Bahamas is very easy as there is no reporting to do with the authorities. An annual license fee is paid to the government to keep the company in Good Standing order.

The tax haven of the Bahamas has grown and will continue to grow as an offshore tax haven because of the level of commitment given to the offshore sector by the government of the country. Steps taken to ensure that the Bahamas remain well respected in the offshore world include amendments of legislation and the formation of regulatory bodies to oversee the running of the sector.

The tax haven of the Bahamas for many years has led the way in offshore financial services in the Caribbean. The offshore legislation of the Bahamas has served as a model for legislation of many other countries offering offshore services today. Tax haven Bahamas provides an exceptional environment for offshore investments that being economic and political stability among others. The Bahamas has been a model for many offshore jurisdictions in the Caribbean and other regions in the world because of its excellent result.