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Tax Haven Cook Islands

The tax haven of Cook Island is a group of fifteen (15) small islands. Cook Islands can be found in the South Pacific Ocean. The Cooks Islands are self governed but maintains free association with New Zealand. The citizens of Cooks Islands are considered to be citizens of New Zealand. The islands are very popular tourist destinations and are visited by tourists from the United States of America, the European countries among others. The territory has a population which is estimated to be a little above 21,000 people. There are several languages spoken on the islands but the most popular is Maori and was named the official language of the islands in 2003. The capital of Cook Islands is Rarotonga.

The Cook Islands enjoy perfect climate around the year and is perhaps one of the reasons that persons find there so attractive. Scattered on the coastline of the Cook Islands are beautiful white sand beaches. The tax haven of Cook Islands is the perfect getaway providing fun and enjoyment for the entire family. Activities to be enjoyed on the beaches on the islands are diving, sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming. Water sports are very popular in the islands. Visitors can enjoy parasailing, fishing. Boat cruises and whale watching is easily arranged with one of many tour operators available.

The Cook Island is covered with lush vegetation. There are many species of plant and animal life to be seen. Fruit trees such as coconuts, Papaya, grapefruits and bananas are abundant in the country and are found growing almost anywhere. Island trips and hiking can be arranged. Tours are also arranged for visitors to interact with local craftsmen and artesian so they can learn about the culture of the people of Cook Islands. Many visitors to the tax haven of Cooks Islands are attracted to the island’s natural beauty which is unsurpassed. The tax haven of Cook Island is a major tourist hub in the Pacific Ocean.

The tax haven of Cook Island enjoys a stable economy which is maintained by the islands’ offshore financial sector. Tourism also accounts for a big part of the economy along with the export of black pearls and the export of agricultural crops, mainly papayas. There is a large number of the islands population employed in the tourism and offshore sector.

The offshore tax haven of Cook Islands has a well established offshore financial services sector which is monitored by the Cook Island Financial Services Commission (FSU). The FSU in the tax haven of Cook Island oversee the incorporation of offshore business companies as well as supervise the provision of offshore banking in the tax haven. Cooks Islands is an offshore jurisdiction which offers services such as offshore banking, offshore enterprise construction, same as Belize company formation, boat and vessels registration, offshore insurance, the formation of International Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and investment fund management. Offshore services in the Cook Islands began in the 1980’s.

As a tax haven Cook Islands does not impose any form of local taxation on capital earned outside of the territory by an International Business Company or other offshore company incorporated in the jurisdiction. There are no taxes for offshore bank account in the jurisdiction. Offshore entities in the offshore tax haven of Cook Island pay no withholding tax, capital gains tax, death duties or Stamp Duty. The offshore legislation in the offshore tax haven provides privacy for offshore clients in the offshore jurisdiction. Privacy is a very important feature of tax haven around the world. The names of the rightful owners, directors and other company officers of offshore companies formed Cook Islands tax haven are not filed as part of public records in the jurisdiction. Other benefits of forming a Cook Island offshore company I the high level of asset protection that is provided.

Offshore banking in the tax haven of Cook Island is governed by the offshore banking Acts of 2003. Offshore banking in the tax haven of Cook Island is provided by very trustworthy local and international offshore banks in the tax haven. Offshore banks in Cook Islands provide services of a very high quality. The offshore banking legislation also provides banking privacy of offshore bank account holders in tax haven protecting the information in offshore bank accounts from foreign governments, foreign legislation and other parties. The services offered to offshore bank account holders in the offshore tax have include online banking, credit cards, debit cards banking via telephone and fax.

The tax haven of Cook Islands is very stable. The country depends on New Zealand for its defense by has its own constitution in place. The territory has a stable economy and has a stable political environment two very important characteristics for tax havens. The offshore jurisdiction of Cook Islands provides offshore clients with legal ways to reduce their international taxes and to protect their assets.