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Tax Haven Costa Rica

The tax haven of Costa Rica is situated in Central America and is situated near the Republic of Panama and Nicaragua. Cocos Island and Calero Island also forms part of the territory. Costa Rica has an estimate population of over four (4) million people. The main language spoken is Spanish. The currency of the tax haven of Costa Rica is the Costa Rica Colon but the United States Dollar (USD) is widely accepted across the territory. Costa Rica is a country which is extremely popular with retirees from the European continent, North America and Canada.

The tax haven of Costa Rica is well known around the world as an enchanting paradise. Costa Rica is one of the countries in the world which advocates for a clean environment. The country has pledged that it will become the first country in the world to be free from carbon emissions. The tax haven is a peaceful country which is known foremost for its natural beauty. The lush green rain forests and jungles of Costa Rica are full of diverse species of flora and fauna. The rain forests never cease to provide adventure. Hikes and nature walks are very popular among visitors to the tax haven of Costa Rica who take the opportunity for bird watching and sightseeing and other activities. The coastline of Costa Rica is lined with beautiful beaches and tranquil waters.

Retiring to Costa Rica seems to be the new rave among citizens form many different countries around the world. These retirees are attracted by the very low cost of living in the tax haven and the fact that the offshore tax haven has a very low crime rate when compared to that of many other developed countries. The price of real estate in Costa Rica is very cheap when compared to that of other countries in the region and around the world. Pensioners who choose to retire to Costa Rica can apply for legal residency in the tax haven. Residency for pensioners is easy to obtain and pensioners must live in the tax haven for at least four (4) months out of every year. And in addition have to prove that they have a steady source of income with which to sustain themselves in the tax haven. Pensioners in Costa Rica will not pay taxes on their income which is gained from abroad and also receive other great benefits in the tax haven.

As a tax haven the Republic of Costa Rica allows for the formation of offshore entities, like Belize companies. Costa Rica companies will pay no taxes on incomes which are sourced outside of the jurisdiction. A Costa Rica offshore company is free to operate business within the tax haven of Costa Rica and anywhere in the world. The offshore companies incorporated in the offshore tax haven of Costa Rica are well known around the world. A Costa Rica offshore company is a legal business structure which clients can use to save on taxes and also for the protection of assets in cases of legal and civil cases such as divorce etc. Costa Rica offshore companies which do business with the offshore tax haven will pay local taxes on their profits. The taxes to be paid for doing business within the jurisdiction are set at a very low rate.

Offshore banking is offered by many reputable foreign and local banks in the offshore tax haven of Costa Rica. The aim of offshore banks in the tax haven of Costa Rica is to provide clients with top quality services as well as privacy and asset protection. Banking services offered include online banking g and credit and debit cards. The banks in tax haven Costa Rica are monitored and regulated by the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

Like many tax havens of the world Costa Rica has no exchange controls in place. This will ensure that business companies and individuals who operate in the offshore tax haven will be able to move large sums of funds without having to go through and bureaucracy or signing of documents which at times can be a tedious process.

The tax haven of Costa Rica has been known to provide high levels of privacy for its clients and corporations formed in the jurisdiction. The names of the rightful owners of the offshore corporations registered in the tax haven do not appear as public records. The register of shareholders and directors for offshore companies are not made part of public records in the jurisdiction. Offshore companies in Costa Rica are not required by legislation to present its annual audit and financial statements to any authorities in the tax haven. These documents can be kept anywhere in the world. Costa Rica offshore companies can hold meetings of shareholders anywhere in the world at any time convenient to all concerned.