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Tax Haven Mauritius

The tax haven of the Republic of Mauritius is located in the South Indian Ocean near the coast of the continent of Africa. The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation which consists of the islands of Agalega Islands, St Rodrigues and St Brandon. The official languages spoken in Mauritius are English and French, Creole and Indian languages are also spoken. The official currency in the tax haven is the Mauritian Rupee. The Capital of Mauritius is St Lois.

The Republic of Mauritius gained independence from Great Britain in 1968 and for many years had depended on its agricultural industry for sustenance of its economy. Today the economy of the republic depends on tourism and a vibrant offshore financial sector. Tourists are attracted to the nature and beautiful beaches to be found in Mauritius. The coastline of Mauritius is line with beautiful beaches which are accessible by the public. The white sand beaches of Mauritius are perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling and collecting shells. Deep sea fishing is a sport or pastime which is very popular in Mauritius. Species which are normally seen on these trips include the Blue Marlin, Tuna, different species of sharks and barracuda.

The people of Mauritius are a very proud people and haven been able to preserve much of their history. Sites around the island include Hindu temples, estate ruins from colonial times, and old sugar mills among others. The island nation has a very diverse flora and fauna. Over 700 different species of plants can be found on the island. Visitors can get a glimpse of the flora and fauna of the territory at many national parks and protected areas including Black river Gorges National park, a bird park in Casela, Domain des Grand Bois. One of the most spectacular sights to see in Mauritius is the colored earths of Chamarel. The land in the area is made up of different shades of the colors of the rainbow; blues, yellows, reds and green. This is the effect of volcanic erosion in the area.

The offshore jurisdiction of Mauritius is very popular among tourist. The island is particularly attractive to a person who seeks asset protection offshore. An offshore jurisdiction Mauritius provides clients with offshore services such as offshore banking, the incorporation of exempt companies or offshore entities, such as Seychelles companies, Mauritius offshore insurance, the registration of boats and vessels and investment fund management.

The offshore sector came on stream in Mauritius in 1992. The Mauritius offshore sector was well maintained and regulated by the Mauritius Offshore Business Activities Authority (MOBAA) which was also put into place in 1992. Ass offshore gained impetus in the jurisdiction and became more important to the economy of the offshore jurisdiction the government showed its commitment to the offshore sector by creating a Financial Services Commission (FSC) and an Advisory Council in 2001. The MOBAA was dismantled and with the new commission in place the offshore sector of Mauritius was revamped with most of the offshore legislation which was put in place were amended and new laws were also passed.

As Tax haven offshore companies incorporated in Mauritius are not entitled to pay local taxes on foreign earned income. Other benefits of incorporating in the offshore tax haven of Mauritius include not having to present annual financial statements to any authority in the tax haven. There are no local taxes levied on offshore bank accounts. Mauritius offshore companies and offshore bank accounts have proven that the country can provide quality protection and privacy for offshore clients whilst at the same time provides them with the opportunity to increase on investments and capital. Privacy for offshore companies and offshore bank account holders is provided and guaranteed by clauses in offshore legislation in the tax haven.

The tax haven of Mauritius is a democratic country which has high regards for human rights. The country has been stable politically for all the years following independence. The economy of the island nation is very secure. This makes the tax haven very attractive to foreign investors who receive much incentive form the government of the tax haven. The government of Mauritius is working hard to ensure that the tax haven maintain its status in the offshore world. The offshore laws of the country are revised with frequency and the government has showed that it has no tolerance for corruption, money laundering and other types of fraud which can occur in the offshore sector.

The tax haven of Mauritius is one of the more modern offshore tax havens available in the world. The offshore services provided in Mauritius help give offshore client the competitive edge. Mauritius offshore companies can do business or trade anywhere in the world. As a tax haven Mauritius helps its clients to invest wealth wisely and take advantage of legal vehicles which can help them increase their earnings.