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Tax Haven Nevis

The island of Nevis along with sister island St Kitts form the St Kitts and Nevis Federation. Only a stretch of water separates the two countries who share the same government. The population of Nevis is approximately 12,000 inhabitants. The main language is English and the currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD). Nevis is located in a region of the Caribbean known as the Lesser Antilles. Nevis is situated near the islands of Antigua and Puerto Rico. The island is approximately 36 square miles in size. The country’s economy depends mainly on tourism and its offshore financial sector.

Nevis was once named by the British as the Queen of the Caribees and up till today the island still lives up to that reputation. The island of Nevis is a simply beautiful country which has a bit of everything to offer. Nevis is surrounded by white, gold and black sand beaches. The beaches on Nevis are public beaches. Some of the more popular beaches on the island are Herbert’s beach, Lovers Beach, Pinney’s Beach Oualie Beach and Nisbet’s Beach. Visitors can enjoy walking the beaches, diving, snorkeling and other water sports.

Nevis places much importance on its eco tourism and natural resources. The island has lots to offer to the nature lovers. Nevis has an abundance of flora and fauna and rainforests. A common sighting in Nevis is the many friendly monkeys which can be heard chattering in nearby bushes. There many hiking trails in Nevis where persons can get a firsthand look at the wonders of the country. Nevis was once one o f the thriving sugar producing island of the Caribbean, today the remnants of many plantations are still visible and makes for good tours and attractions.

Getting to the tax haven of Nevis can be easily arranged. Flights from the United States, Great Britain, Canada and other countries land at the main airport in St Kitts. From St Kitts a ride on board a ferry or water taxi will give the visitor even more time to enjoy the beauty of the island.

For many years the economy of the offshore tax haven of Nevis was maintained by it sugar industry but as the West Indies began to lose it stance in the sugar industry the demise of Nevis’s economy was brought about. Today the country relies heavily on tourism and its offshore financial sector which came into being in 1984. Nevis offshore sector comprises of services such as the incorporation of offshore corporations, Incorporation of Limited Liability Companies, exempt trusts, offshore insurance, offshore banking, offshore multi form foundation and investment fund management among others.

The emergence of Nevis as an offshore tax haven was supported by well founded legislation. The government of the offshore jurisdiction plays a major role in helping to define Nevis as one of the best offshore jurisdictions and tax havens of the Caribbean region. The population of Nevis is made up of highly educated and skilled professional who over the years have played their parting establishing the offshore jurisdiction. The function of registered agent can be fulfilled by a number of experienced offshore service provides and lawyers in the tax haven. According to offshore legislation a registered agent is must be employed for the incorporation of offshore companies and the formation of offshore trusts and foundation in the jurisdiction.

As a tax haven Nevis provides offshore clients with privacy and confidentiality which is guaranteed by legislation in the tax haven. The Confidentiality Relationship Act of St Kitts and Nevis protects information in offshore bank accounts and offshore corporations established in the tax haven. As a tax haven a Nevis company formed in Nevis will pay no local taxes on foreign earned income. These companies have no need to report their financial status to the authorities in Nevis. Nevis offshore trust and offshore foundations are also exempted from taxes.

The political status and economic stability can be attributed as factors responsible for the success of Nevis’s offshore financial center. Nevis’s laws are based on the English Common Law systems and the country for many decades has enjoyed political stability. In the years past there have been no reports or political or social unrest in the tax haven. The economy of Nevis has jumped ahead of many other Caribbean islands. The tourism industry keeps growing with resorts being developed and jobs being created.

The tax haven of Nevis provides quality services to clients from around the world. As an offshore tax haven Nevis helps clients find legal ways to rid themselves of very high taxation systems. Offshore incorporation in the tax haven of Nevis can be completed in hours. Maintaining offshore companies in Nevis is extremely easy. A small fee is paid to the government to keep offshore companies in Good Standing order.