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Tax Haven New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is made up of two (2) islands the North Island and the South Island. The tax haven of Cook Islands which are located nearby are in free association with the island nation of New Zealand. The population of tax haven New Zealand is approximately 4.3 million people mostly of European and indigenous Maori decent. The main language spoken is English Maori which became an official langue is 1987 is also spoken among a large number of persons within the population of tax haven New Zealand. The currency of the tax haven is the New Zealand Dollar.

The tax haven of New Zealand boasts of a very viable economy. The population of the tax haven of New Zealand enjoys a very high standard of living. The tax haven depends heavily on trade with agricultural exports being one o the main export products of the country. Other sectors which contribute to export in the tax haven are forestry, fishing and the horticulture industries of the tax haven. Tourism also contributes greatly to the growing economy of tax haven New Zealand is tourism which provides approximately 200,000 full time jobs for members of the population of New Zealand. The number of tourists to the island is expected to increase greatly over the coming years. For many years the tax haven of New Zealand has enjoyed political stability. The country has a very strong relationship with former mother colony. The Queen of England is the Head of State of the tax haven.

The scenic islands which make up the tax haven of New Zealand have many attractions. Visitors to the tax haven can take it great views. The coastline of the tax haven is lined with great white sand beaches which are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, diving and snorkeling. Sailing is a very popular sport in the tax haven and visitors can rent sail boats or charter yachts from which they can enjoy the calm waters which surrounds the island nation. Other activities to enjoy in the tax haven include bird watching which can be arranged by many experienced tour operators in the tax haven. On the tax haven of New Zealand there are many museums which give insight into the history, culture sand life on the island.

The tax haven of New Zealand offers endless business opportunities and tax incentives for foreign investors. So far the offshore tax haven has been able to establish and pass legislation for the formation of companies which receive offshore benefits in the tax haven. In New Zealand a Special Purpose company and New Zealand Limited Partnership Companies or New Zealand LP both have great tax benefit.

A Limited Partnership Company formed in the tax haven of New Zealand is treated as a tax free company if the owners or the partners in the corporation are not residents of the tax haven. The company will receive substantial tax savings if does no business within the tax haven or with residents of the country. A New Zealand Company which qualifies to be treated as a New Zealand offshore company will pay no corporate taxes, income tax, capital gains tax, withholding tax among others. A New Zealand Limited Liability Partnership is very easy to set using general and limited members. Limited Liability Companies in New Zealand must also have a Partnership Agreement which will govern the business operations of the corporation and state the rights and privileges of the members for the New Zealand Limited Partnership Company.

The New Zealand Special Purpose Company is a New Zealand resident corporation which manages a New Zealand Offshore Trust Company. The New Zealand Company will receive offshore benefits such as no taxation on incomes earned outside of the tax haven of New Zealand. The New Zealand Company which is most often used for the formation of a New Zealand Special Purpose company is a New Zealand Limited Liability Company. This type of offshore company structure is easy to establish in the tax haven of New Zealand just one director and one shareholder is needed. The owners of the New Zealand Limited Liability company and the New Zealand offshore trust company can be the same individual. Also, Nevis companies or Belize companies are good alternative to New Zealand companies.

The tax haven of New Zealand is one of the few tax havens which exist in the world which can boast that it has no stigma or other implications which are associated with many other tax havens of the world. The government of the tax haven of New Zealand is increasingly offering foreigners tax incentives for setting up businesses in the jurisdiction. Part of the incentives is tax free companies which enable its owners, shareholders or partners to reduce on taxes. The business entities being offered in the tax haven of New Zealand could also be used to protect assets.